La Baguette Story

First steps in Revelstoke

In 2005, Olivier and Sonia, young chefs at the time, moved to Revelstoke with the intention to stay for the summer only. Falling in love with the community, and the easy access to the outdoors, it was soon obvious that Revelstoke was their new home. But one thing was missing, FOOD! 

La Baguette

In May 2009, inspired by memories of travels in France as well as their own childhoods in the province of Quebec and family backgrounds of organic farming, Olivier and Sonia opened La Baguette’s doors. The bakery started by offering artisanal sourdough bread, viennoiseries, French desserts, gourmet sandwiches, handcrafted gelatos as well as fine cheeses and deli specialty items. To provide the community with truly nourishing and flavourful foods while encouraging an ecologically sustainable food system, was a strong value and goal of their new enterprise.

Welcomed by everyone and especially by the Revelstoke French community, La Baguette quickly blossomed.

La Petite Baguette

In 2011 they opened their second location, called La Petite Baguette, at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Offering quality, affordable healthy foods to the local skiers & visitors of this new amazing resort was their goal.

Le Marché Gourmet

In 2015, the idea arose to open a specialty grocery store where you could find La Baguette homemade products, as well as a place for local producers to offer their local healthy ingredients to the Revelstoke Community.

 Le Marché Gourmet was born and everything made sense for them! Transforming La Baguette and Le Marché Gourmet into a zero-waste operation was a new ultimate goal!

The Farm

In 2020, the opportunity arose to begin farming our own produce. We currently have an orchard producing fruits and berries. Vegetable gardens are on the way, so keep your eyes open for La Baguette & Le Marche delicious garden products on the menu and on the shelves… 

As it goes...

A lot has evolved in the last 10 years. Becoming the largest employers in the Kootenays, going from a team of 6 to a big family of 95.

Sonia and Olivier have their evergrowing passion for creating beautiful food and offering the very best to their customers . Their lastest additions are the amazing firewood pizzas, as well as the BC craft beers and wines. 

Stay tuned for what’s coming up next!