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Artisanal Bakery & Cafe

Our Story Of Passion

With a great passion for sourdough artisanal bread making and the art of making delicious espresso beverages, the 2 chefs, Sonia and Olivier opened La Baguette in 2009. Offering nourishing food, that was made by hand, was their top priority. Welcomed by Revelstokians, La Baguette was an immediate success. What started as a small enterprise grew up and expanded quickly.

Our Delicious Menu

Proud to be serving flavourful, healthy and handcrafted food options that can be enjoyed in the comfort of our bakery or on the go.

Everything here is made from scratch and with the best quality ingredients! We house-smoke our own meats and cook anything possible in our firewood oven to create exquisite flavours =)

  • Delightful breakfasts
  • Montreal style bagels
  • Gourmet sandwiches
  • Creative soups & salads
  • Firewood pizzas
  • Poutines

Our Artisan Bread & Viennoiserie

We are known for our artisanal sourdough bread for a reason. Our secret; using the very best quality ingredients & giving time to our bread to slowly ferment. By baking the loaves in our stone oven, we are making a unique flavour profile & a quality above standards. 

Offering delicious handcrafted Viennoiserie made by hand daily by our qualified bakers with pure butter & organic flour. Paris feels a little closer now.


Sipping on a cup of coffee with friends or family is a simple pleasure of life that we are thrilled to offer to the community. We provide a place to gather, a place where you can plan your next daily adventure in our beautiful Revelstoke Valley.

Gelato & Dessert

Try our Gelato classics or discover flavours made by our creative pastry chefs, there is no wrong choice here! We are offering a variety of delicious dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free gelatos & sorbets.

Made in-house delicacies, our French rich desserts are made with the highest quality ingredients and by tradition. You can also find decadent special creations rotating with the seasons, our selection has something for everyone…